Mens swimwear fetish showing of more skin!

you say beach, sexy swim wear and sun tan lotion comes to mind first. In
general that is what the women are up to, but don’t men have their own agenda
in mind? It is old school to bring swimming trunks and board shorts alone when
you hit the beach today. Mens swimwear fetish has its way of showing the male perspective of ‘beach
wear’. It is not like those very ordinary swimming trunks that you see year after year in
every beach you go to.Mens swimwear fetish has come up anew. has a wide variety of
new items that you can choose from. It will make your beach time doubly fun
when you use one of these stunning sexy items. Not only that you will ‘WOW’
your woman, it will give a lot of ‘Ohhss’ and ‘Ahhhs’ from other people too.  This is just one of the many outfits that
modern men have started to like nowadays. It can be pretty exciting to start
wearing your fetishes for your woman in order to have a more open understanding
between you both.  Make sure to check out
the new ones every now and then to feed that fetish of yours.


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Mens swimwear fetish by

Mens swimwear fetish by with cock cage

Mens swimwear fetish going sheer at the beach

Mens Swimwear Fetish

One of the
fastest growing fetishes in existence today is the mens swimwear fetish. This wonderfully eclectic group of men have
taken something as simple as swimwear and turned them into something that is so
sexual in nature that most beaches have banned the more erotic versions of them
altogether. The good news is that you can wear them under your clothing
anywhere you might be going and no one will be the wiser. The bad news is that
you aren’t going to be able to find these items in any old store downtown. Good
thing you have the Internet, though.

Sites like
have taken the mens swimwear fetish
to a whole different level of acceptance by offering unique designs that other
sites don’t have. This means that you can go to their site and find just about
anything you would ever want to wear and purchase it for a price that is way
below anyone else. Now, you are not only saving money, but you are also
experiencing something unique in a fetish that you love. Yes, the technology we
have today is a great and wondrous thing to behold.

If you have
a mens swimwear fetish, then going to is, or at least should be, second nature to you. In fact, you
should have their site set as your home page on your computer so that you can
see all the latest fashions that they have coming out as soon as your browser
opens up. In this way, you won’t be missing out on anything that they might put
up and you can be happy in knowing that you are part of their family. Other
fetishes require loads of expensive items that you have to purchase, but a
swimwear fetish only requires you to purchase one item and make sure you are


Wearing bikinis, thongs, g-strings and ultra micro suits at thebeach is all part of mens swimwear fetish fun. Going sheer is a whole different story. Some beaches consider wearing completely sheer suits the same as being nude while others do not. I have used completely sheer thongs and g-strings at the beaches in Los Angeles and over many years only once did I have a police man nicely ask me to cover up. I put on a micro solid bikini and he was very happy. Below is a micro sheer suit from which is wear I get all my spandex excitement!


Swimwear fetish sheer wear by

Swimwear fetish sheer wear by