Braving the Men’s Swimwear Fetish Lifestyle

Braving the Men’s Swimwear Fetish Lifestyle

If you are
into the mens swimwear fetish lifestyle, then you know how important it is to
take your time in finding new items to wear. Most guys will head to the local
store and purchase the first thing they see on the rack and think they are the
sexiest man on the beach. But if you are into this fetish, then you know that
you are going to be the sexiest man on the beach because you took the time to
find something no one else is going to be wearing. Then, you can enjoy your day
like you want to.

But the mens
swimwear fetish isn’t just about finding something that no one else is wearing.
It’s about finding the one item that you are the most comfortable wearing in
public as well. If you aren’t comfortable wearing something like this where
other people can see you, then you might as well go back to the store and pick
out something that twenty other guys are going to be wearing that day. Then,
you can fit in with the rest of the herd like a good little sheep and never
experience anything new in your life ever again. It sounds a bit harsh, but if
you find something that is comfortable, you’ll never look back again.


Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Micro swimwear, sheer swimsuits,
Speedos and other extreme fetish spandex Lycra and mens swimwear designs.


Extreme mens swimwear fetish suit by cock exposing pouch

Extreme mens swimwear fetish suit by pouch can be removed

Accepting Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Men's swimwear fetish penis shaped sheer pouch swimsuit by

Men's swimwear fetish cock shaped sheer pouch swimsuit by

Accepting Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

I first
noticed that I had a men’s swimwear fetish when I was a teenager. Every time I
went out to the beach, I found myself staring at men wearing these sexy
swimwear items that I had never seen before, and all I could think about was
finding some for myself. Of course, I was too young to realize where I had to
go to purchase items like this, and they wouldn’t have let me in anyway. However,
I never forgot about my passion to have swimwear that looked like that. Now
that I am older, I have found websites that sell these items and I live in
heaven every day.

My men’s
swimwear fetish is still strong in my life and every time I see a man wearing
something I don’t have, I will end up finding it online and purchasing it that
very night. Of course, that means that my fetish has overtaken every drawer in
my dresser and most of my closet, but I am okay with that. I have some of the
sexiest swimwear you could ever imagine; even some I can’t wear out in public,
and it’s all because I accept my fetish with open arms and an open mind.


Mens swimwear : bikinis, thongs, G-strings, male to female
transformation swimsuits, penis shaped swimwear, bulge swimsuits, sheer
swimwear, micro swimwear, penis enhancement swimwear and so much more!



Have Fun with your Swimwear Fetish

Mens Swimwear Fetish

Have Fun with your Swimwear Fetish

Having a
mens swimwear fetish isn’t that bad of a thing for most men. Of course, it
means that you are going to be wearing swimwear all the time, but what could
possibly be wrong with that? It doesn’t mean that you are going to be
purchasing much of your swimwear from places like Wal-Mart, though. There is
nothing sexy about wearing a style or design that every other guy on the planet
is currently wearing, too. You need something a bit more unique than that so
your fetish can have an erotic feel and nature to it.

If you have
a mens swimwear fetish, then you already know how important it is for you to
purchase swimwear items that will enhance your fetish rather than just
something that you can wear out to the beach on your days off. It helps if you
can wear them to the beach, but your fetish means that you are going to be
wearing some of them in a more erotic fashion than just tanning in the sand.
Keep that in mind before you go out to the beach as well because there are a
lot of people that aren’t going to like you wearing your more erotic options around


Bikinis, thongs, g-strings, pouch suits, sheer swimwear and so much more at mens swimwear

Mens swimwear fetish designs by bikinis, thongs and g-strings

Mens swimwear fetish designs by

Mens swimwear fetish going sheer at the beach

Mens Swimwear Fetish

One of the
fastest growing fetishes in existence today is the mens swimwear fetish. This wonderfully eclectic group of men have
taken something as simple as swimwear and turned them into something that is so
sexual in nature that most beaches have banned the more erotic versions of them
altogether. The good news is that you can wear them under your clothing
anywhere you might be going and no one will be the wiser. The bad news is that
you aren’t going to be able to find these items in any old store downtown. Good
thing you have the Internet, though.

Sites like
have taken the mens swimwear fetish
to a whole different level of acceptance by offering unique designs that other
sites don’t have. This means that you can go to their site and find just about
anything you would ever want to wear and purchase it for a price that is way
below anyone else. Now, you are not only saving money, but you are also
experiencing something unique in a fetish that you love. Yes, the technology we
have today is a great and wondrous thing to behold.

If you have
a mens swimwear fetish, then going to is, or at least should be, second nature to you. In fact, you
should have their site set as your home page on your computer so that you can
see all the latest fashions that they have coming out as soon as your browser
opens up. In this way, you won’t be missing out on anything that they might put
up and you can be happy in knowing that you are part of their family. Other
fetishes require loads of expensive items that you have to purchase, but a
swimwear fetish only requires you to purchase one item and make sure you are


Wearing bikinis, thongs, g-strings and ultra micro suits at thebeach is all part of mens swimwear fetish fun. Going sheer is a whole different story. Some beaches consider wearing completely sheer suits the same as being nude while others do not. I have used completely sheer thongs and g-strings at the beaches in Los Angeles and over many years only once did I have a police man nicely ask me to cover up. I put on a micro solid bikini and he was very happy. Below is a micro sheer suit from which is wear I get all my spandex excitement!


Swimwear fetish sheer wear by

Swimwear fetish sheer wear by




Mens swimwear fetish micro style

Most guys who have a mens swimwear fetish start by wearing Speedos and work their way into more extreme and much sexier designs. Progressing from bikinis down to mens swimwear fetish micro g-strings and micro bulge suits. Many guys into mens swimwear fetish go off into fem styles that create a total vagina look while other go for the male enhancment look. Some of my favorite mens swimwear fetish suits are the cock display and sex wear style. Using the shaft, balls or both as part of the design is very exciting and I can tell you they are arousing to wear. The most extreme company is and their designer Michael David has been featured in hundreds of magazines. Google Michael David mens swimwear and be blown away by how much Koala and their star designer are talked about.


Insane mens swimwear designs


I included a description of one of their designs. Just the words get me hard and a photo of a new suit they have coming out. Very hot!

Diablo Arsenal

The Diablo Arsenal not only gives you the perfect cock holding and ball separating suit on the market, but it also gives you an anal ring that literally molds itself to that glory hole. Now you can be ready for fun at the drop of a dime and everyone will know about it. The Diablo Arsenal is one of those designs that customers wanted to have produced and they got exactly what they wanted. Men from all over have been enjoying this gem of a fetish suit, and they didn’t have to pay the higher prices that other sites might have put onto it.

When it comes to those nights in when all you want to do is grab your partner and have some sexy fun, the Diablo Arsenal is what you should be wearing. This wonderful mix of fetish and sexual gratification will have you and your partner experiencing orgasms that you never  before thought possible. You probably won’t be wearing this wonder out on a public beach, but when you are all by yourself or on a clothing optional beach, then the sky is the limit. This isn’t a suit for beginners, though; you will need to understand that right away.

The Diablo Arsenal is designed for those guys that love to have fun in the bedroom, or where ever they might find it, and gives you the perfect experience for anal play. Not only that, but it keeps your cock in the perfect position for anything else you might have in mind. You could look through thousands of other designs and never come across something as sexually pleasing and sexy as the Diablo Arsenal from This is one fetish suit that you have to try in order to fully believe what you are paying for and getting.


Mens swimwear fetish

mens swimwear fetish cock wear