Working and a Mens Swimwear Fetish

Mens Swimwear Fetish

Working and a Mens Swimwear Fetish

I have had a
mens swimwear fetish for quite a while now and can’t seem to get my mind off of
it most of the time. I constantly find myself staring out my office window
while I am working thinking about wearing my swimwear out to the beach when I
get off of work, and that usually ends up getting me into a bit of trouble.
It’s difficult for me to think about my fetish and still maintain the level of
professionalism that I am supposed to show while working. But I have finally
found a way of getting around all of that.

I recently
figured out that I can enjoy my mens swimwear fetish and get all of my work
done by simply wearing some of my more erotic swimwear under my pants when I go
to work. Now I can sit and enjoy my swimwear while I am focusing on work, and I
have found that I don’t get the stress that I used to get while I am wearing
them. It was a bit awkward to get used to at first, but after a few days of
wearing them under my pants, I feel like a completely different man.


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Have Fun with your Swimwear Fetish

Mens Swimwear Fetish

Have Fun with your Swimwear Fetish

Having a
mens swimwear fetish isn’t that bad of a thing for most men. Of course, it
means that you are going to be wearing swimwear all the time, but what could
possibly be wrong with that? It doesn’t mean that you are going to be
purchasing much of your swimwear from places like Wal-Mart, though. There is
nothing sexy about wearing a style or design that every other guy on the planet
is currently wearing, too. You need something a bit more unique than that so
your fetish can have an erotic feel and nature to it.

If you have
a mens swimwear fetish, then you already know how important it is for you to
purchase swimwear items that will enhance your fetish rather than just
something that you can wear out to the beach on your days off. It helps if you
can wear them to the beach, but your fetish means that you are going to be
wearing some of them in a more erotic fashion than just tanning in the sand.
Keep that in mind before you go out to the beach as well because there are a
lot of people that aren’t going to like you wearing your more erotic options around


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Mens swimwear fetish designs by bikinis, thongs and g-strings

Mens swimwear fetish designs by

Mens swimwear fetish feels so good!

Mens Swimwear Fetish

It Just Feels So Good!

The thing
about having a mens swimwear fetish is that it’s no different from any other
fetish. Men do it because it just feels so fucking good! This is particularly
true if you also happen to have a fetish for a specific material. For instance,
suppose you really love Lycra and you also have a swimwear fetish. Well,
obviously, the thing you’re going to do is buy all the mens swimwear made from
Lycra that you can find. You’ll always be really happy whenever you get the
chance to slide into one of those swimsuits. Think about how it feels against
your bare skin. You’ll enjoy wearing your swimwear no matter if you’re
swimming, tanning, or just lounging around your home.

great thing about having a swimwear fetish is that you don’t have to ever take
them off if you don’t want to. Since it’s swimwear and crafted in the same
design as underwear, it’s very simple to slip them on underneath work clothes
or pajamas. It’s just a matter of which pair you’re going to be wearing. Then
you can enjoy your fetish and the way it feels all day every day.

Mens swimwear fetish and loving bikinis, thongs and G-strings

Mens Swimwear Fetish

There is a
strong level of admiration for those guys that have a mens swimwear fetish these days. This is one of those fetishes that
has been a long time coming over the years, especially when you consider the
fact that most men have been wearing the same designs and styles of swimwear
since they were children. The traditional aspects of the swimming trunks have
gone so far out of style currently that men are literally looking for something
new just so they can go hang out on the beach.

Nearly all
men have worn those swimming trunks until they realized that there is no
difference between them and anyone else. That is why the mens swimwear fetish is so important to move things along in the
fashion world. Once a fetish like this starts gaining traction, it will turn
into a trend and that is one stop short of a complete overhaul of the mens
fashion world altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wear something that
is both useful and sexy while you’re out on the beach? That is what every guy
should be asking himself right now.

Instead of
settling for tradition, you need to start looking into creating your own mens swimwear fetish just for the experience
of wearing something different. You don’t have to go with the overly erotic
options that you can find on sites like, though. They have plenty
of low key swimwear that will do the job just as well and won’t have you
getting a ticket for indecent exposure while you’re having fun. Whatever style
you decide to wear, just make sure you are allowed to wear them on your
favorite beach. If you can’t, then make sure you wear them at any private pool
parties you might be invited to in the coming months.

Great rear shot of the ultimate mens swimwear fetish amazing!

Great rear shot of the ultimate mens swimwear fetish

Mens swimwear fetish and spandex addiction

Mens Swimwear Fetish and Addictions Unleashed


Let’s face it. Guys like me who have so much to offer when
it comes to sex are constantly in search for women or even guys that can keep
up with all our crazy antics. I wouldn’t be caught up playing around with just
any ordinary guy or girl because I am so much better than that especially now
that I have my mens swimwear fetish
and addictions.


Honestly speaking, I am not only addicted with sex, I am
also very much addicted with everything that goes with it. I am addicted with
all the different sexual positions that I have tried and I am looking forward
to all the other positions that I haven’t really tried for myself. I am excited
and addicted to all the devices I have been using and those that I plan to use
really soon.

mens swimwear fetish by bikinis, thongs, g-string swimsuits

mens swimwear fetish by bikinis, thongs, g-string swimwear


With my mens swimwear
of course you would have already guessed how addicted I am too with
my swimwear. I think if there’s one type of clothing that I have the most of,
it would really have to be my swimwear. I make it a point to buy as much as I
can because this is something I really enjoy and has been a part of me too.