Mens swimwear fetish and anal suits

Hooked on mens swimwear fetish fun, me too! I love my collection of mens swimwear most of the designs are Koala. Mens swimwear fetish is a lifestyle in many ways. Most mens swimwear fetish followers are into wearing hot swimsuits and seeing other men and women in hot suis. It is just so much fun. My favorite part of the summer olympics is watching the swimmers in their glued on swimwear. This is one sport the men and women who are into mens swimwear fetish can get behind. Talking about getting behind I decided to post this photo of me wearing a thong bathing suit that has a free floating front held on by a hidden cock ring and a thong rear that is help in place with a butt plug. Talk about sex on the beach. My girlfriend loves seeing me wear these suits and no one else around us knows that I am busy getting fucked the entire day. I love the pouch design and needless to say these anal plug powered designs are high on the list of the most erotic and arousing mens swimwear fetish style swimsuit designs.


Mens swimwear fetish

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