Lycra mens swimwear fetish

My favorite subject: Mens swimwear fetish. It is my biggest most intense fetish. I love stuffing my smallish cock into and extreme micro g-string and playing in the surf at the beach. Yes everyone can see how small I am but you would be amazed how much action I get from men and women. Lucky for me I enjoy them both!


My favorite designs are the extrem stylings of Michael David from link: Mens swimwear. I am also completely into their sex wear, cock displays and male chastity devices!


Micro Dagger Caged Fury

There are a
lot of guys out there that would love to have the feeling of wearing a chastity
device but they aren’t so sure it would work all that well for them when they
go out to the beach. Well, that is where the Micro Dagger Caged Fury comes into play. This sheer Spandex
G-string takes control of your urges while allowing you just enough to show off
what you have hidden underneath. It will let you get an erection, but it’s not
going to give you the room you may want for a full erection. That is the key to
pleasure of this design.

You get the
benefits of the metal cock cage that is built into the Micro Dagger Caged Fury that fulfills its role like never before
and, yet, you have the sheer G-string that gives you that sexy look you really
want out on the beach. Of course, you are going to want to pull that cock out
and play with it as soon as you put the Micro
Dagger Caged Fury
on, but that isn’t going to happen until you get home
later. The beach is no place for that, anyway.

It doesn’t
matter how big that cock of yours is, either. The Micro Dagger Caged Fury is going to make you look as full as you
can possibly be from the very first second you put it on. When you want
something that is going to curb your urges to a certain extent but still allow
you to show off your body in all its glory, then this is the only design you
should be looking for. You don’t have to worry about people staring at you by
wearing a chastity cage out in public when you can have the Micro Dagger Caged Fury and wear one in