Men’s Swimwear Fetish Parties

The men’s swimwear fetish that I enjoy is a bit too erotic to be taken out in public. Thankfully, there is a group of guys that feel the same way I do in my town and we get together a couple times a month for a swimwear party. Now this isn’t your typical party where people bring snacks and beverages and hang out playing party games. This is a party where you have to wear the most erotic swimwear you can find and show your body off to everyone at the party. It is quite entertaining if you ever get the chance to go to one.


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I love having these men’s swimwear fetish parties at my house. Mainly because I live out in the country and have a rather nice pool that we can all hang out around. Being out in the country means that we don’t have to worry about neighbors looking over the fence and getting upset with what they see. We don’t have to worry about the noise, either, since my closest neighbor is almost five miles away. It does help that my neighbor comes to my parties as well and usually has the skimpiest designs available.

There are times when having a men’s swimwear fetish can be a strain on some guys, but it’s never that way for me. Some guys just aren’t lucky enough to have friends they can share their fetish with and that can be depressing. I am lucky enough to have found guys that feel the same way I do and want to share that feeling with others. I am sure that if I lived in a place that doesn’t have others like this around, then I would probably not be as interested in wearing my swimwear as often as I do. Of course, that would be a very boring existence for me, which makes me happy that things are this way.

Getting into a Men’s Swimwear Fetish

I was looking
around online and found a site dedicated to the men’s swimwear fetish world
that is apparently around me all the time. I never knew that guys could have a
fetish about the swimwear they were sporting but, apparently, it’s much more
prevalent than I ever realized. I guess you could say that I don’t get out all
that much but having a fetish about your swimwear seemed a bit odd to me so I
looked into it a bit. What I found astounded me and thrilled me all at the same
time and I needed more information.

this men’s swimwear fetish doesn’t have much to do with the swimwear that I am
used to seeing. There are some guys in the world that have a small interest in
the traditional trunks that are being worn all the time, but the real fetish
has to do with the swimwear that is a bit more erotic. Now these erotic items I
can’t find in any store in my area, which might be considered a good thing if
you lived where I do. But you can find plenty of them online if you know where
to look.

I got so
wrapped up in the men’s swimwear fetish research that I finally decided to go
ahead and see what it was like. I purchased my very first pair of erotic
swimwear and tried them on when they got to the house. I must say that I was
highly impressed with the feeling these swimwear gave me and I wanted to know
more about them as soon as possible. That first pair was purchased six months
ago and I now have over twenty in my collection. I got hooked hard with that
first pair and I don’t plan on going back anytime soon.


My Wife’s Men’s Swimwear Fetish

I found out that my wife has a men’s swimwear fetish
and she just can’t get enough of it. We have been married for almost ten years
and this is the first time I have heard her mention anything about having a
fetish. I guess it doesn’t matter how well you might think you know someone in
your life, there are always going to be secrets out there that you might never
know about. Thankfully, she has told me about this fetish of hers and I have
agreed to join in on it with her to please her, of course.

He said she first got interested in the men’s
swimwear fetish when she would watch her neighbors brother swimming in the pool
next door. Ever since then, she has had a thing about seeing guys in skimpy
swimwear and she says it’s a massive turn on for her. Naturally, the thing I
did was go to the store and buy a Speedo since it was the skimpiest thing I
could find at that time. She laughed at me when she saw me in it for the first
time, which was a little upsetting to me, to be honest.

She told me that if I really wanted to have some fun
with her men’s swimwear fetish, then I would need to look at a few sites
online. She took me to a couple of them and I almost thought she was joking
until I looked into her eyes and could see just how turned on she was getting.
Now I own all kinds of skimpy swimwear, some of which I would never wear out in
public, and we have gotten a lot closer. I was amazed that I actually started
enjoying the swimwear designs she wanted me to wear and I think that helped out
a lot in how close we have gotten.