Mens swimwear fetish and male chastity

Not sure why thinks mens swimwear fetish and male chastity cock cages go together but they think it works and after visiting their site I agree. They are the original and still by far the best when it comes to products for people with a mens swimwear fetish. Some of their designs are extreme mens swimwear other are spandex cock wear and yet others are Lycra sex designs. They even have a full line of spandex cock and ball stretchers. Wonder if they should be considered spandex fetish instead of mens swimwear fetish either way the site is a trip. The boys at Koala are still at it getting wilder all the time. They are building one of the largest selections of male chastity devices on the web. It seems to be growing every week. Cool thing because there is nothing like a caged cock!

Here is a photo I grabed from thier site.


mens swimwear fetish cock cage

Mens swimwear fetish feels good

Mens Swimwear Fetish Feels So Good!

Something that can be oh so sexy while also
remaining a secret is a mens swimwear
. The reason it feels good is because of the various sexy materials
used to create erotic swimsuits. Of course, if you have a fetish, you probably
know it. For the uninitiated, a fetish is something that causes sexual arousal
and/or must be present in order to successfully reach an orgasm. A fetish can
be anything. It just depends on what you’re most drawn to.

For example, you can have a fetish for feet,
breasts, asses, legs, Latex, Spandex, rubber, and anything else that you’re
truly excited over. The thing that puts some lead in your pencil more than all
other things is, quite possibly, a fetish. There’s also such a thing as a mens swimwear fetish. Many men use
either a particular type of swimwear for men or they simply get super charged
by any kind of mens swimwear. At any
rate, for a true fetishist, the proper mens swimwear is a must when they’re
involved in any type of sexual situation. Regular vanilla sex just won’t do it
for them. Of course, you already know all of this if you’ve got a hardcore

There are many ways that a fetish of this type can
be conducted. When you have sex or you’re interested in entering into a sexual
situation, you can simply put on your mens swimwear. Another way that you can
enjoy your mens swimwear fetish is
to wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes. These can easily act as your
underwear rather than using boxers or jockeys. Now, granted, you might have a
tiny bit of trouble throughout the day when you’re wearing your fetish around
with getting hard all the time. However, there’s no reason that you can’t slip
into the mens room whenever you need for a little jack off time.


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Mens swimwear fetish micro style

Most guys who have a mens swimwear fetish start by wearing Speedos and work their way into more extreme and much sexier designs. Progressing from bikinis down to mens swimwear fetish micro g-strings and micro bulge suits. Many guys into mens swimwear fetish go off into fem styles that create a total vagina look while other go for the male enhancment look. Some of my favorite mens swimwear fetish suits are the cock display and sex wear style. Using the shaft, balls or both as part of the design is very exciting and I can tell you they are arousing to wear. The most extreme company is and their designer Michael David has been featured in hundreds of magazines. Google Michael David mens swimwear and be blown away by how much Koala and their star designer are talked about.


Insane mens swimwear designs


I included a description of one of their designs. Just the words get me hard and a photo of a new suit they have coming out. Very hot!

Diablo Arsenal

The Diablo Arsenal not only gives you the perfect cock holding and ball separating suit on the market, but it also gives you an anal ring that literally molds itself to that glory hole. Now you can be ready for fun at the drop of a dime and everyone will know about it. The Diablo Arsenal is one of those designs that customers wanted to have produced and they got exactly what they wanted. Men from all over have been enjoying this gem of a fetish suit, and they didn’t have to pay the higher prices that other sites might have put onto it.

When it comes to those nights in when all you want to do is grab your partner and have some sexy fun, the Diablo Arsenal is what you should be wearing. This wonderful mix of fetish and sexual gratification will have you and your partner experiencing orgasms that you never  before thought possible. You probably won’t be wearing this wonder out on a public beach, but when you are all by yourself or on a clothing optional beach, then the sky is the limit. This isn’t a suit for beginners, though; you will need to understand that right away.

The Diablo Arsenal is designed for those guys that love to have fun in the bedroom, or where ever they might find it, and gives you the perfect experience for anal play. Not only that, but it keeps your cock in the perfect position for anything else you might have in mind. You could look through thousands of other designs and never come across something as sexually pleasing and sexy as the Diablo Arsenal from This is one fetish suit that you have to try in order to fully believe what you are paying for and getting.


Mens swimwear fetish

mens swimwear fetish cock wear