Understanding My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

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Having a men’s swimwear fetish may seem a bit odd to some guys in the world, and probably also most women; but to me, it’s as natural as enjoying a sunset. I have no issues with going to the beach and checking out the latest swimwear designs being worn by other men. I also have no issues with telling these guys how much I enjoy seeing them in their swimwear. Some guys may think its awkward to have another man come up and tell them how sexy they look in a Speedo or something, but I would love it if someone did that to me. At least I would know that I was wearing something that others enjoyed looking at.

My men’s swimwear fetish started off at a very young age although I have never said anything about it. Of course I didn’t know what a fetish was to begin with, but I was afraid that everyone would think that there was something wrong with me or something. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I wasn’t the only one out there that enjoyed mens swimwear fashions. I have to thank the Internet for showing me the truth behind my fetish.

Now I have a rather large men’s swimwear fetish collection. I have been through numerous partners that thought my fetish was cute in the beginning but couldn’t handle the constant accumulation of items that I go through. Maybe one of these days I will find someone that enjoys my fetish as much as I do but, until then, I will remain loyal to the swimwear that I have collected over the years. I am glad that I can talk to other guys that have the same fetish online, though. If I had to keep this fetish locked up inside me for too long, I think my head just might explode, and that is not the purpose of fetishes.


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Do I Have a Men’s Swimwear Fetish?

Do I Have a Men’s Swimwear Fetish?

I was told by a good friend the other day that I’ve
got a men’s swimwear fetish. At first, it kind of pissed me off because I
didn’t think that this person knew what he was talking about.  Just because I enjoy wearing various types of
men’s swimwear and I have an entire dresser filled with the many swimsuits I’ve
purchased doesn’t mean that I’ve got a fetish in this area. If anything, I
would have called it an addiction.

I mean, I’ll readily admit that I can’t seem to go
longer than a week without hitting my favorite mens specialty website and
purchasing a few swimsuits. But I just don’t see how that constitutes a men’s
swimwear fetish.  As I said before, I
might admit to being addicted to them, but I certainly don’t need them in order
to enhance my sexual experiences or anything like that. Of course, I have been
known to get a rock hard erection when I’ve seen a certain hot and seductive
swimsuit on some guy at the beach. But I always figured that was because of the
guy wearing it since he was usually well built, handsome and hauling around a
rather impressive package. Who wouldn’t get hard looking at something that

Does that mean it’s true that I have a men’s
swimwear fetish, though? I still don’t see it. Besides, even if I do display
the symptoms of having this type of fetish; so what? It’s not like I’m lying in
wait on the beach for some hot guy wearing a sexy thong or mesh swimsuit to
come along so that I can tackle him. I just like to look, that’s all. I’m not
averse to being looked at, too. As far as I’m concerned, it’s share and share
alike. I can look and you can look back. But that still doesn’t make it a
fetish as far as I’m concerned.


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Mens swimwear fetish showing of more skin!

you say beach, sexy swim wear and sun tan lotion comes to mind first. In
general that is what the women are up to, but don’t men have their own agenda
in mind? It is old school to bring swimming trunks and board shorts alone when
you hit the beach today. Mens swimwear fetish has its way of showing the male perspective of ‘beach
wear’. It is not like those very ordinary swimming trunks that you see year after year in
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modern men have started to like nowadays. It can be pretty exciting to start
wearing your fetishes for your woman in order to have a more open understanding
between you both.  Make sure to check out
the new ones every now and then to feed that fetish of yours.


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Mens swimwear fetish and anal suits

Hooked on mens swimwear fetish fun, me too! I love my collection of mens swimwear most of the designs are Koala. Mens swimwear fetish is a lifestyle in many ways. Most mens swimwear fetish followers are into wearing hot swimsuits and seeing other men and women in hot suis. It is just so much fun. My favorite part of the summer olympics is watching the swimmers in their glued on swimwear. This is one sport the men and women who are into mens swimwear fetish can get behind. Talking about getting behind I decided to post this photo of me wearing a koalaswim.com thong bathing suit that has a free floating front held on by a hidden cock ring and a thong rear that is help in place with a butt plug. Talk about sex on the beach. My girlfriend loves seeing me wear these suits and no one else around us knows that I am busy getting fucked the entire day. I love the pouch design and needless to say these anal plug powered designs are high on the list of the most erotic and arousing mens swimwear fetish style swimsuit designs.


Mens swimwear fetish

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