Understanding My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

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Having a men’s swimwear fetish may seem a bit odd to some guys in the world, and probably also most women; but to me, it’s as natural as enjoying a sunset. I have no issues with going to the beach and checking out the latest swimwear designs being worn by other men. I also have no issues with telling these guys how much I enjoy seeing them in their swimwear. Some guys may think its awkward to have another man come up and tell them how sexy they look in a Speedo or something, but I would love it if someone did that to me. At least I would know that I was wearing something that others enjoyed looking at.

My men’s swimwear fetish started off at a very young age although I have never said anything about it. Of course I didn’t know what a fetish was to begin with, but I was afraid that everyone would think that there was something wrong with me or something. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I wasn’t the only one out there that enjoyed mens swimwear fashions. I have to thank the Internet for showing me the truth behind my fetish.

Now I have a rather large men’s swimwear fetish collection. I have been through numerous partners that thought my fetish was cute in the beginning but couldn’t handle the constant accumulation of items that I go through. Maybe one of these days I will find someone that enjoys my fetish as much as I do but, until then, I will remain loyal to the swimwear that I have collected over the years. I am glad that I can talk to other guys that have the same fetish online, though. If I had to keep this fetish locked up inside me for too long, I think my head just might explode, and that is not the purpose of fetishes.


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How Enjoy My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Having a men’s swimwear fetish can be difficult for some guys in the world but it hasn’t been that way for me. I love my fetish and I have no issues with letting the people around me know about it. Although I do tend to keep it a secret from people I don’t know just in case they get the wrong idea about me. I don’t want people thinking that I am strange just because I have a strong sexual urge to wear erotic swimwear. Of course, when I put it like that; even I start to think I am a bit strange.

I know that having a men’s swimwear fetish is one of those things that guys like to keep a secret. It is just that there are times when you need to share something like this in order to enjoy it even more. I have a few friends that I have been able to share this fetish with and they are now enjoying it along with me. It’s nice to have someone around that understands what you get out of these swimwear designs and the feeling you experience while wearing them. I just wish more guys could understand it the way I do so that I didn’t have to hide.


The good news is that I can share my men’s swimwear fetish on occasion because of a beach that is close to where I live. My friends and I love going to that beach at certain times in order to show off our latest purchases. We do get some strange looks from the people on the beach, but I think it’s worth it. You can’t go through life fearing what some people might think about you and, even though, I have to keep this fetish a secret most of the time; going out to that beach is a highlight in my life.



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Loving Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish All the Time

Loving Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish All the Time

One of the most popular fetishes around these days
is the men’s swimwear fetish. It also happens to be one of the simplest
fetishes to maintain and enjoy whether you need to keep it hidden from others
or not. The main reason it is so simple is because men’s swimwear can be worn
under clothes or alone. It just doesn’t matter. For example, on the beach or at
poolside, you will obviously need to wear a swimsuit if you plan to go into the
water. No one there will think anything of you wearing a men’s swimsuit because
all of the other men there will also be wearing one, too.

Now, consider that you feel the need to take your
men’s swimwear fetish to work with you. That is easily done. All you have to do
is slip on one of your men’s swimsuits and use it in place of underwear.
Another way to do this is to wear the swimsuit over your underwear. Then, just
put your work clothes on over them. No one will be the wiser and you will spend
a much happier day at work because you are wearing something that is very
important to your daily existence.


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Men's swimwear fetish micro bikini swimsuit by koalaswim.com bulge wear

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Accepting Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Men's swimwear fetish penis shaped sheer pouch swimsuit by koalaswim.com

Men's swimwear fetish cock shaped sheer pouch swimsuit by koalaswim.com

Accepting Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

I first
noticed that I had a men’s swimwear fetish when I was a teenager. Every time I
went out to the beach, I found myself staring at men wearing these sexy
swimwear items that I had never seen before, and all I could think about was
finding some for myself. Of course, I was too young to realize where I had to
go to purchase items like this, and they wouldn’t have let me in anyway. However,
I never forgot about my passion to have swimwear that looked like that. Now
that I am older, I have found websites that sell these items and I live in
heaven every day.

My men’s
swimwear fetish is still strong in my life and every time I see a man wearing
something I don’t have, I will end up finding it online and purchasing it that
very night. Of course, that means that my fetish has overtaken every drawer in
my dresser and most of my closet, but I am okay with that. I have some of the
sexiest swimwear you could ever imagine; even some I can’t wear out in public,
and it’s all because I accept my fetish with open arms and an open mind.


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Understanding Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Understanding Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Now most
guys will have a fetish about women wearing bikinis, but did you know that
there are men’s swimwear fetish guys out there as well? These guys love
everything about mens swimwear fashions and will do whatever it takes to make
sure the designs they see online end up in their dressers before too long. It’s
funny to think that while come guys are collecting hats and various toys, there
are guys that are collecting mens swimwear items and holding them to the same
standards that the consummate comic book collector would hold a first edition

Some men’s
swimwear fetish guys aren’t necessarily that bad with their collections. Some
guys just love to wear this type of swimwear and only have one or two items in
their collection. Of course, they wear swimwear every single day of their lives
no matter what they are doing. You could learn to enjoy living your life in
this manner as well if you gave yourself over to the life that you could have. Naturally,
you need to make sure that the swimwear you are about to purchase is going to
fit you properly. If it doesn’t, then you aren’t going to get the same level of
comfort out of them.

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Mens Swimswear Fetish and Sex Toys

Mens Swimswear Fetish and Sex Toys

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One of the most perfect combinations you
can ever have is none other than mens
swimwear fetish
and a number of sex toys that can make your sex life even
more exciting and thrilling all at the same time. Since I started combining the
two, I instantly got a hold of myself and figured out that this is perhaps the
best way for me to deal with sex.


I got even more sensual and have become
transformed at desiring to have sex almost daily and not only once per day.
Thanks to my mens swimwear fetish, I
felt like I was really this person who’s unstoppable and I am not one to
complain because of it. I was really happy and content and I knew for sure my
partner would appreciate this sudden change in my personality.


And boy was I right. My partner did not
only fall in love with me all over again. He even ended up making sure that I
am only his and his alone and made sure too that we would both benefit from
this new change. My patner also now has mens
swimwear fetish
and I am also greatly satisfied.