Loving My Men’s Swimwear Fetish


The design above features a large metal anal hook as the rear portion of the thong. A very stimulating and exciting design.

I have a massive men’s swimwear fetish that has taken root in my life. I never really realized that enjoying swimwear would be considered any kind of fetish, but now that I look in my closet and see all the swimwear designs, I know that I have some kind of fetish going on. I simply can’t go online without eventually looking through new swimwear designs in the hopes that I will find something new to purchase. That doesn’t happen as often as it used to, though, since I could basically open my very own swimwear store.

I got involved in my men’s swimwear fetish when I was still in school. My family and I took a vacation to the beach and I saw a lot of guys wearing different kinds of swimwear and I knew that I was hooked for life. Some of them were extra skimpy and some of them more conservative, but I knew that I had to own them all no matter what. I even thought about making my own swimwear designs to save money but learned the hard way that I can’t sew worth a shit. The one and only design I created fell apart before I could get it all the way on.

Thankfully, there are a lot of other guys in the world that have a men’s swimwear fetish and they have put websites up to showcase their love. This gives me a chance to look around from the comfort of my own home and see what all the other guys are wearing these days. Then I can see something that I haven’t purchased yet and pick it up. I have some designs in my collection that I haven’t even worn before because I saw someone online had one and I just had to have it. Funny how things like this can seem to get out of hand rather quickly if you let them.


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Working and a Mens Swimwear Fetish

Mens Swimwear Fetish

Working and a Mens Swimwear Fetish

I have had a
mens swimwear fetish for quite a while now and can’t seem to get my mind off of
it most of the time. I constantly find myself staring out my office window
while I am working thinking about wearing my swimwear out to the beach when I
get off of work, and that usually ends up getting me into a bit of trouble.
It’s difficult for me to think about my fetish and still maintain the level of
professionalism that I am supposed to show while working. But I have finally
found a way of getting around all of that.

I recently
figured out that I can enjoy my mens swimwear fetish and get all of my work
done by simply wearing some of my more erotic swimwear under my pants when I go
to work. Now I can sit and enjoy my swimwear while I am focusing on work, and I
have found that I don’t get the stress that I used to get while I am wearing
them. It was a bit awkward to get used to at first, but after a few days of
wearing them under my pants, I feel like a completely different man.


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