You Don’t Have to Share Your Men’s Swimwear Fetish

If you are one of those guys that have a men’s swimwear fetish and you are doing your best to hide it from others knowing about it, then you are probably miserable. I’m not saying you have to go out on the beach wearing a sandwich board telling everyone that you have a freaky fetish and they should all pay attention to you, but I am saying that you have to stop hiding every piece of swimwear you own just to make others around you more comfortable. Not everyone is going to find these designs acceptable, but that is their issue not yours.

There are a lot of guys with a men’s swimwear fetish that will go out to the beach wearing something they find exciting regardless of what people may think about it. As long as you aren’t breaking any laws or rules on the beach, then all those people can do is look at you disapprovingly, which isn’t all that bad when you think about it. If they don’t like what you are wearing, then you usually don’t have to worry about them coming over to you and talking to you about all the ways you are ruining your life.

I have enjoyed my men’s swimwear fetish for a very long time and I don’t particularly care if others don’t accept what I am wearing on the beach or not. Granted, I keep my more erotic versions at home, but I have no issues with walking the beach in a micro or cock pouch, regardless of the people thinking I shouldn’t do it. They just don’t understand how sexy it is to have something like that on or how comfortable swimwear like this could be. If they did, then you and I both know they would be the first ones to wear them out the next time they went on vacation.



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Budgeting for My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Budgeting for My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

If you have
a men’s swimwear fetish, then you know how difficult it is to pass up a website
that is offering the latest designs these days. I have this type of fetish and
find myself constantly looking at sites that are offering up the latest designs.
The really sad thing is that my fetish is so strong that I am constantly
purchasing new swimwear every time I go to one of these sites. It’s a good
thing that I have a well-paying job as I would probably be completely broke by
now if I didn’t.

My men’s
swimwear fetish would have me in the poor house for sure if it wasn’t for the
fact that I have such a good job. Of course, I wouldn’t have this great job if
I wasn’t wearing my swimwear when I went in for the interview, either. I guess
that would be some kind of catch 22 when you really think about it. Either way
you look at it, having a fetish like this means that you have to stay on top of
your spending or your fetish might just end up ruining you in no time flat.
That is why I set up a separate bank account and only purchase new items with
the money I put into it. In that way, I stay on budget.


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