Loving My Men’s Swimwear Fetish


If you think you don’t know a guy that has a men’s swimwear fetish, then you probably aren’t paying all that much attention to the people around you. Everyone has that one male friend that seems to do nothing but wear swimwear even if they aren’t walking around on the beach all the time. These guys will wear their swimwear no matter what they are doing or where they might be going, even if it’s under their pants while they are working. I know this because I am one of those guys and I wear my swimwear everywhere.


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My men’s swimwear fetish is something that I can’t really control, but I enjoy it all the same. I love the way it feels when I have my swimwear on and I know that there is nothing else I would rather be doing than wearing my gear. Sometimes, I just sit on my couch in nothing except my swimwear and enjoy the quiet that surrounds me. I know it doesn’t make sense when you say things like this out loud, but that is how I feel about it and I am happy. That is all I need in my life and I am more than willing to live with that.

There are times when I wonder why I am so involved in my men’s swimwear fetish, but those moments don’t last for very long. I feel that enjoying a fetish like this is something that most guys should do at least once in their lives, but I know that isn’t going to be possible for some guys. They will insist on living the way they always have and they won’t bother to try anything new. It’s sad to think about it like that but I know it happens from time to time. They just need to dust off their creativity.


Mens swimwear fetish and showing more skin

Gets your imagination going one more level higher. Feed
your lusty cravings for mens swimwear
by the new trends coming out almost every day. Be that open to try
something new as often as you can. Make your kinky self as delectable to your
lover as much as you can. With this attitude, you will make a very active,
sexy, and fun sexual life with your man. You are sure to have a very good
relationship together for a very long time.


Mens swimwear fetish pouch suit from koalaswim.com Extreme designs

Mens swimwear fetish pouch suit from koalaswim.com

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Simply by using different mens swimwear fetish can add spice to an already wonderful sexual
relation with your lover. But admittedly, a good spice and some exploration
would be very helpful. If you like to hear him tell you how delicious and tasty
you look, it is good to get something for the kinks. Exposing yourself as often
as you can is found sexy. Keep doing it so that it makes you crave for each
other. Soon enough you will be pumping your pheromones so hard that the word
lust is just a household name. Keep the energy kicking, the lust alive and that
sexual drive is likely to make you the best lover to be ravished anytime of the

Mens swimwear fetish feels good

Mens Swimwear Fetish Feels So Good!

Something that can be oh so sexy while also
remaining a secret is a mens swimwear
. The reason it feels good is because of the various sexy materials
used to create erotic swimsuits. Of course, if you have a fetish, you probably
know it. For the uninitiated, a fetish is something that causes sexual arousal
and/or must be present in order to successfully reach an orgasm. A fetish can
be anything. It just depends on what you’re most drawn to.

For example, you can have a fetish for feet,
breasts, asses, legs, Latex, Spandex, rubber, and anything else that you’re
truly excited over. The thing that puts some lead in your pencil more than all
other things is, quite possibly, a fetish. There’s also such a thing as a mens swimwear fetish. Many men use
either a particular type of swimwear for men or they simply get super charged
by any kind of mens swimwear. At any
rate, for a true fetishist, the proper mens swimwear is a must when they’re
involved in any type of sexual situation. Regular vanilla sex just won’t do it
for them. Of course, you already know all of this if you’ve got a hardcore

There are many ways that a fetish of this type can
be conducted. When you have sex or you’re interested in entering into a sexual
situation, you can simply put on your mens swimwear. Another way that you can
enjoy your mens swimwear fetish is
to wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes. These can easily act as your
underwear rather than using boxers or jockeys. Now, granted, you might have a
tiny bit of trouble throughout the day when you’re wearing your fetish around
with getting hard all the time. However, there’s no reason that you can’t slip
into the mens room whenever you need for a little jack off time.


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Mens swimwear fetish micro style

Most guys who have a mens swimwear fetish start by wearing Speedos and work their way into more extreme and much sexier designs. Progressing from bikinis down to mens swimwear fetish micro g-strings and micro bulge suits. Many guys into mens swimwear fetish go off into fem styles that create a total vagina look while other go for the male enhancment look. Some of my favorite mens swimwear fetish suits are the cock display and sex wear style. Using the shaft, balls or both as part of the design is very exciting and I can tell you they are arousing to wear. The most extreme company is Koalaswim.com and their designer Michael David has been featured in hundreds of magazines. Google Michael David mens swimwear and be blown away by how much Koala and their star designer are talked about.


Insane mens swimwear designs


I included a description of one of their designs. Just the words get me hard and a photo of a new suit they have coming out. Very hot!

Diablo Arsenal

The Diablo Arsenal not only gives you the perfect cock holding and ball separating suit on the market, but it also gives you an anal ring that literally molds itself to that glory hole. Now you can be ready for fun at the drop of a dime and everyone will know about it. The Diablo Arsenal is one of those designs that Koalaswim.com customers wanted to have produced and they got exactly what they wanted. Men from all over have been enjoying this gem of a fetish suit, and they didn’t have to pay the higher prices that other sites might have put onto it.

When it comes to those nights in when all you want to do is grab your partner and have some sexy fun, the Diablo Arsenal is what you should be wearing. This wonderful mix of fetish and sexual gratification will have you and your partner experiencing orgasms that you never  before thought possible. You probably won’t be wearing this wonder out on a public beach, but when you are all by yourself or on a clothing optional beach, then the sky is the limit. This isn’t a suit for beginners, though; you will need to understand that right away.

The Diablo Arsenal is designed for those guys that love to have fun in the bedroom, or where ever they might find it, and gives you the perfect experience for anal play. Not only that, but it keeps your cock in the perfect position for anything else you might have in mind. You could look through thousands of other designs and never come across something as sexually pleasing and sexy as the Diablo Arsenal from Koalaswim.com. This is one fetish suit that you have to try in order to fully believe what you are paying for and getting.


Mens swimwear fetish

mens swimwear fetish cock wear

Mens Swimwear Fetish

Swimwear Fetish Doesn’t Have to be Weird, it is too much fun to be anything but normal!

Make sure to take a look at the world’s hottest mens swimwear, spandex sex wear, Lycra fetish wear, extreme spandex cock wear, male chastity and so much more!

Men all over the world of all ages and races and all
tax brackets participate in fetishes. Among the mildest of these is possibly a mens swimwear fetish. When you think of
all the various fetishes there are, you can probably understand why mens
swimwear would fall into the mild category. There are fetishes involving feet,
which is quite common. But there are also fetishes involving Spandex, Lycra,
PVC, rubber, voyeurism, exhibitionism, smoking, and balloons. Then there are
the fetishes of men that love obese partners. There are even fetishes that
involve bodily waste matter. So when you look at it that way, you can see why a
fetish centering on mens swimwear isn’t all that odd.

One might wonder what a mens swimwear fetish might involve. Fetishes can contain many
facets that are played out when acted upon. For some men, this may mean donning
mens swimwear just before engaging in a sexual experience and even leaving it
on while in the act itself. They may also wear mens swimwear under their
clothes during the times when they want to experience arousal. At any rate,
they like the way these clothing items feel on their skin and their bodies so
they’ll wear it anytime they feel like it.

Fetishes are what get the sexual engines of people
revved up.  Anything can be turned into a
fetish and can be enjoyed by the people participating in them. This is even
true of a mens swimwear fetish. In
fact, this is one of the more harmless fetishes around. If all you want to do
is wear a mens swimsuit, that’s not actually asking a lot, even if you want
your partner to be the one wearing the swimsuit. It’s even an inexpensive
fetish unless the swimsuit that’s required is of a designer type. In that case,
it can get a bit pricey to engage in a fetish of this kind. Of course, it can
get even worse if the mens swimwear
is one where a brand new designer swimsuit is required for each
sexual encounter.

There are ways to get around the expense of a fetish
of this kind while still getting the quality of a designer swimsuit. All you
need is access to a personal computer of some sort and the Internet. Once
you’ve settled in at your computer, you can start perusing mens specialty
websites. These are the websites that have various mens swimsuits available for
sale and they can be used in any way you choose, even for fetish role play
scenes. These websites may have many items that catch your eye but a lot of
them have low quality and overpriced garments. Who would want to use sites like
that to shop from for their mens
swimwear fetish
? Most likely, not you.

Now, you can spend days upon days sorting through
the hundreds of thousands of mens specialty websites and try to figure out to
which site has the garments that will suit you the most; or you can start with
the best and highest quality website of its kind. If you choose to go this
route, the site you’ll want to begin with is koalaswim.com. This is the website
where you can find all of the mens swimwear that you would ever want to choose
from. The swimwear from this website offers unique styles, high quality items,
variety of designs and colors, and affordability.

Before you start to wonder why koalaswim.com has so
much to offer for a mens swimwear
there are some things you need to know about this website. These
are the things that make it such a special site and will help you along in your
fetish without breaking your bank account. Once you’re aware of everything this
site has to offer, you’ll understand why it’s the first one you’ll want to look
at. It will also probably be the only one you’ll visit once you spend some time
there and pay attention to the special aspects of the site.

To begin with, koalaswim.com carries the distinction
of being the home of the creations of professional designer Michael David.
Every swimsuit, thong, G-string, or fetish wear item comes from the genius of
Michael’s mind. So if you’re in the market for swimsuits to use in your mens swimwear fetish, this is the
website that you’ll want to spend some time with. Michael knew from the time he
was a teenager that he wanted to spend his life designing and creating mens
swimwear and intimate apparel garments. His neighbor introduced Michael to a
Spandex Speedo and, from the time he slipped into it and felt that sensuous
material hugging his bare skin, he was hooked.

Michael began designing swimwear for men to start
out. He wanted to make sure that his swimsuits for men were nothing but the
best. All of his creations are made from Spandex or Lycra because this is his
favorite material and he already knows just how well both of these fabrics work
when swimming or tanning. He’s also aware that there’s a mens swimwear fetish that he can help to perpetuate with his erotic
and unique creations.  In fact, many of
Michael’s designs play right into fetishes of various types. So that’s
definitely something to keep in mind when searching through the website.

Something that Michael does with each of his
creations is to conduct thorough testing by him personally. You would probably
be hard pressed to find many designers that can lay claim to that very facet of
their business. Michael cares about his customers and wants them to be happy
with any item that they buy from his website. He’s very much a hands on type of
person, and it shows in everything that he creates. He has an innate
understanding of what constitutes a mens
swimwear fetish,
and that makes his items even more suited to you if that
fetish is a part of your lifestyle. Yes, Michael even tests out his fetish wear
designs. He simply will not allow any flawed designs to be listed for sale.
When he tests out his designs, if there’s anything that he doesn’t like, he
takes that product right back to the proverbial drawing board and starts all
over again. Then he works the design until he’s 100 percent satisfied that it’s
all that it should be. Then, and only then, will he allow it to be listed on
the website for sale.

A mens
swimwear fetish
doesn’t require a lot of imagination and money, especially
if the only thing you require for your fetish to work for you is a simple mens
swimsuit. For the most part, you could probably just go to your local shops or
discount stores and find something that will do it for you. On the other hand,
just imagine how much more exciting things could be if you have a designer
swimsuit that no one else you know has. You can put it on or have your partner
slip it on and really enjoy your mens
swimwear fetish
. Well, koalaswim.com has the “unique” factor built in with
all the swimsuits that are sold there. Obviously, other men besides you can
purchase any of the swimsuits, thongs, G-strings or fetish wear offered on this
website. However, there are so many various designs that the odds of “running
into yourself” are really slim. As everyone has different tastes, you most
likely won’t find a lot of other guys ordering your exact swimsuit. In
addition, men from all over the world are ordering suits. Therefore, odds are
good that a lot of the men choosing the same purchases as you will be on the
other side of the world.

All of the items at koalaswim.com can be
appropriated in a mens swimwear fetish
scene. It’s simply a matter of finding the ones that get your pulse racing and
your crotch tightening. When those things start happening, you can bet that
you’ve found the prefect swimsuit, or swimsuits, to purchase for use at
playtime. Michael David may not have started out as a fetish wear designer, but
he gained some understanding along the way in his designing career of what men
want and need in their fetishes. That may be why he began to add in items that
can only be described as fetish wear to his collection of menswear specialty

As Spandex is actually a leader in its own fetish, a
mens swimwear fetish can benefit
greatly from the fact that Michael uses only Spandex or Lycra to turn his
design ideas into reality. These are the materials that Michael loves and is
most attached to when it comes to creating his designs. You’re going to find
that he really cares about the comfort of his customers, and this is another
reason that he uses this fabric to make his mens specialty wear. There’s
nothing quite like the feeling of Spandex against your bare skin to get you in
a passionate mood. When you’ve got a mens
swimwear fetish
it can only serve to increase the excitement of your
experience when you wear designs made in Spandex and created by Michael David.

Something else that men with this type of a fetish
enjoy is having their partners wear a special type of swimsuit. This typically
occurs when their fetish involves a particular style or color of mens swimsuit.
Variety isn’t always the spice of life or even a necessity when it comes to a
fetish. In fact, many times a fetish is built around the use of a particular
way of doing things that are the same way every time a fetish experience is
acted out. Sometimes a fetish requires a little or a lot of role playing in
order to get the most out of it. A mens
swimwear fetish
can be one of these. For instance, two guys can be “pretend”
shopping for new swimsuits. One thing can lead to another and the two guys end
up engaging in a sexual experience within one of the dressing rooms in a shop.
This can be very exciting for both partners even when it actually takes place
within a bedroom.

Of course, there are many, many other fantasies that
can revolve around a mens swimsuit. Needless to say, they’ve probably all been
acted out at some point in time. In addition, there are men in the world that
seem to have an limitless imagination when it comes to inventing role playing
games. So if you happen to have a mens
swimwear fetish
, you’ve probably resorted to thinking up many more ideas to
introduce to your partner.

Another thing that you may want to do is sit down
with your partner and visit koalaswim.com together. Obviously, your partner
knows about your fetish. What better way to really make that special person in
your life feel even more a part of your excitement than to allow their
participation in choosing the swimwear that will be involved in your next
fantasy fetish session? You’ll probably both get a real jolt of arousal once
you begin to talk over ideas as you look at the various hot swimsuit designs
from Michael.

When you visit this website you should probably be
forewarned about something. It’s very likely that your mens swimwear fetish is
going to be fueled dramatically once you lay your eyes on the male models at
koalaswim.com. In fact, your partner may even start to have a little male
swimwear fetish, too. The guys modeling Michael’s designs are more than simple
eye candy. They’re so achingly beautiful that they reach into the very core of
your being and bring out a lustful side of you that even you may not have
realized you had. Another warning is that they model ALL of the various styles
of mens specialty wear located on koalaswim.com. What this means is that they
leave nothing to the imagination. While you’re shopping around the site for
things to add to your mens swimwear
collection, you’re going to see everything these guys have to offer
and then some.

You’ll also be able to know a little about some of
these male models. There’s some information on new ones and popular ones that
you may find to be some excellent reading material. But take your time when
you’re scrolling through the many pages of this website. It’s meant to enjoy
just as much as the items you’ll find within these pages were created to offer
pleasure to the men that buy them. Michael is an expert on the art of pleasure.
That’s why he’s chosen to design the specialty wear for men that you’ll find
here. It’s also why he’s created this very arousing website. He understands
what men want. This is especially true with his many swimsuit designs that can
be used for a mens swimwear fetish.

Once you’ve spent enough time at koalaswim.com,
you’ll most likely find that there are many items you want to purchase now and
in the future. These items can be bookmarked for your later return, and you can
order what you’re ready to purchase at the same time. Various shipping times
are offered. So if you’re in a huge hurry for your purchase to arrive, there’s
even an option of a two day delivery. Do you see how Michael takes care of his
impatient customers? He understands how difficult it can be to wait for a week
long delivery so he makes sure that his customers are able to get their items
when they need them.

A mens
swimwear fetish
is one of the easiest fetishes to hide. Since you’re not in
need of any true specialty items for men or even fetish wear to participate in
this type of fetish, no one will figure out what your trigger is. If you happen
to have nosy friends or family, it doesn’t matter if they find your fetish
items or not. They’re only swimsuits and men are certainly entitled to own
swimsuits. Therefore, no one is going to think anything about it even if they
find some designer swimsuits from Michael David. They may even simply assume
that you’ve got some kinky underwear and leave it at that.

However you choose to act on your mens swimwear fetish, keep in mind
that, for the most pleasure, the swimwear at koalaswim.com will provide you
with top quality swimwear as well as affordable prices. Just because you may
want something a bit different doesn’t mean that you should have to empty your
bank account to do so. Michael keeps his prices affordable so that men from all
parts of life are able to indulge themselves in some unique and erotic mens
specialty wear from time to time. You’re never going to be shortchanged on the
quality of his designs, either. Remember that if Michael isn’t completely happy
with a particular style or design, you’ll never see it until he is. If he’s not
able to turn something into a memorable work of art that can be worn, that’s a
design that will be scrapped and replaced with something much better. Not all
designers care enough to do that for their customers.