How Enjoy My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Having a men’s swimwear fetish can be difficult for some guys in the world but it hasn’t been that way for me. I love my fetish and I have no issues with letting the people around me know about it. Although I do tend to keep it a secret from people I don’t know just in case they get the wrong idea about me. I don’t want people thinking that I am strange just because I have a strong sexual urge to wear erotic swimwear. Of course, when I put it like that; even I start to think I am a bit strange.

I know that having a men’s swimwear fetish is one of those things that guys like to keep a secret. It is just that there are times when you need to share something like this in order to enjoy it even more. I have a few friends that I have been able to share this fetish with and they are now enjoying it along with me. It’s nice to have someone around that understands what you get out of these swimwear designs and the feeling you experience while wearing them. I just wish more guys could understand it the way I do so that I didn’t have to hide.


The good news is that I can share my men’s swimwear fetish on occasion because of a beach that is close to where I live. My friends and I love going to that beach at certain times in order to show off our latest purchases. We do get some strange looks from the people on the beach, but I think it’s worth it. You can’t go through life fearing what some people might think about you and, even though, I have to keep this fetish a secret most of the time; going out to that beach is a highlight in my life.



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Getting into a Men’s Swimwear Fetish

I was looking
around online and found a site dedicated to the men’s swimwear fetish world
that is apparently around me all the time. I never knew that guys could have a
fetish about the swimwear they were sporting but, apparently, it’s much more
prevalent than I ever realized. I guess you could say that I don’t get out all
that much but having a fetish about your swimwear seemed a bit odd to me so I
looked into it a bit. What I found astounded me and thrilled me all at the same
time and I needed more information.

this men’s swimwear fetish doesn’t have much to do with the swimwear that I am
used to seeing. There are some guys in the world that have a small interest in
the traditional trunks that are being worn all the time, but the real fetish
has to do with the swimwear that is a bit more erotic. Now these erotic items I
can’t find in any store in my area, which might be considered a good thing if
you lived where I do. But you can find plenty of them online if you know where
to look.

I got so
wrapped up in the men’s swimwear fetish research that I finally decided to go
ahead and see what it was like. I purchased my very first pair of erotic
swimwear and tried them on when they got to the house. I must say that I was
highly impressed with the feeling these swimwear gave me and I wanted to know
more about them as soon as possible. That first pair was purchased six months
ago and I now have over twenty in my collection. I got hooked hard with that
first pair and I don’t plan on going back anytime soon.


Acquiring a Men’s Swimwear Fetish

Acquiring a Men’s Swimwear Fetish

I was
talking to my new neighbor the other day and he was telling me about his men’s
swimwear fetish. Now, I didn’t even know there was a fetish like this or that
guys became aroused because of swimwear, but apparently I haven’t really been
in the know concerning a lot of things throughout my life. He told me all about
how he got involved in wearing these different designs in swimwear and even
asked me if I wanted to go inside to see his latest acquisition. I’m all for
sexy swimwear, but I really didn’t want to see him wearing them.

speaking to my neighbor about his men’s swimwear fetish, I have started looking
around online for different swimwear designs. I thought at first that he was
just pulling my leg or something with all the designs he was telling me about,
but it turns out he was right. The websites that I have seen are showing me
swimwear options that I never knew were even possible for men to wear out in
public. I guess growing up in a small town without any beaches has a way of
keeping people out of the loop on certain aspects of swimwear.

The only
swimwear I ever knew about was the occasional Speedo and the typical trunks
everyone wears. But this men’s swimwear fetish is something that I never really
thought anyone would be interested in. There are so many different designs and
styles available on the market that I figured it would be too difficult to pick
out just one item to wear. Of course, that all went away once I saw a
particularly sexy looking thong and simply had to buy it. I may not have a
fetish over mens swimwear just yet, but I am definitely working my way towards
having one and I think I am okay with that.

Do I Have a Men’s Swimwear Fetish?

Do I Have a Men’s Swimwear Fetish?

I was told by a good friend the other day that I’ve
got a men’s swimwear fetish. At first, it kind of pissed me off because I
didn’t think that this person knew what he was talking about.  Just because I enjoy wearing various types of
men’s swimwear and I have an entire dresser filled with the many swimsuits I’ve
purchased doesn’t mean that I’ve got a fetish in this area. If anything, I
would have called it an addiction.

I mean, I’ll readily admit that I can’t seem to go
longer than a week without hitting my favorite mens specialty website and
purchasing a few swimsuits. But I just don’t see how that constitutes a men’s
swimwear fetish.  As I said before, I
might admit to being addicted to them, but I certainly don’t need them in order
to enhance my sexual experiences or anything like that. Of course, I have been
known to get a rock hard erection when I’ve seen a certain hot and seductive
swimsuit on some guy at the beach. But I always figured that was because of the
guy wearing it since he was usually well built, handsome and hauling around a
rather impressive package. Who wouldn’t get hard looking at something that

Does that mean it’s true that I have a men’s
swimwear fetish, though? I still don’t see it. Besides, even if I do display
the symptoms of having this type of fetish; so what? It’s not like I’m lying in
wait on the beach for some hot guy wearing a sexy thong or mesh swimsuit to
come along so that I can tackle him. I just like to look, that’s all. I’m not
averse to being looked at, too. As far as I’m concerned, it’s share and share
alike. I can look and you can look back. But that still doesn’t make it a
fetish as far as I’m concerned.


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