Mens swimwear fetish feels so good!

Mens Swimwear Fetish

It Just Feels So Good!

The thing
about having a mens swimwear fetish is that it’s no different from any other
fetish. Men do it because it just feels so fucking good! This is particularly
true if you also happen to have a fetish for a specific material. For instance,
suppose you really love Lycra and you also have a swimwear fetish. Well,
obviously, the thing you’re going to do is buy all the mens swimwear made from
Lycra that you can find. You’ll always be really happy whenever you get the
chance to slide into one of those swimsuits. Think about how it feels against
your bare skin. You’ll enjoy wearing your swimwear no matter if you’re
swimming, tanning, or just lounging around your home.

great thing about having a swimwear fetish is that you don’t have to ever take
them off if you don’t want to. Since it’s swimwear and crafted in the same
design as underwear, it’s very simple to slip them on underneath work clothes
or pajamas. It’s just a matter of which pair you’re going to be wearing. Then
you can enjoy your fetish and the way it feels all day every day.

One thought on “Mens swimwear fetish feels so good!

  1. This swimwear fetish thing is kind of new to me but so far I’m really getting into it. You’re right when you say that it feels good. I found out that I can wear my swimsuits under the dress suits I wear to work as well as my shorts when I go take my dog for a walk. They’re also great under jeans. Since they fit so close to my body, it’s almost like I’m not wearing any underwear at all. I’ve gone commando before and loved it, but this is even better than that! I guess you can figure out that I’m also a pretty big Spandex guy. There’s just nothing that compares to it. I’ve been thinking about getting full body suits that are made out of Spandex and wearing them instead of just wearing my swimsuits. They only cover up a part of my body; a small part. I want to enjoy that feeling all over my body. I would never have thought wearing a swimsuit could turn into such a big deal but it’s kind of taken over a big part of my life. That’s ok, though. I don’t mind. But I have to wonder if it’s like this with other guys.