The Beginning of My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

The Beginning of My Men’s Swimwear Fetish

When I think
about my men’s swimwear fetish, I always remember the very first time I got
hooked. I was a young lad out on the beach with some friends of mine when we
saw a guy walking towards us. Now this was a semi private beach so there
weren’t a lot of people around, but occasionally you would see someone walking
by enjoying the sun and surf just like we were. This guy was different, though,
simply because he was wearing swimwear that none of us had ever seen. At first,
it was a bit shocking and we all started to laugh.

While my
friends were making jokes about what he was wearing, I could feel the men’s
swimwear fetish starting to build up inside me. I didn’t exactly understand
what was happening to me at that time, but I knew that I had to see some of
these designs for myself without my friends around to make fun of me. The years
have moved on since then, and I have found my place in this world by accepting
my love for unique swimwear. I never saw that guy again, but I remember the
swimwear he was wearing and I have even purchased one just like it.

Having a
men’s swimwear fetish isn’t such a bad thing; at least as far as I am
concerned. I get the chance to wear something I really enjoy all day long and
who else can say something like that with their fetish? I could just imagine if
I had a bondage fetish and tried wearing my bondage gear to work on Monday.
Thankfully, my swimwear can be worn easily under my clothes and I can always be
ready to hit the beach with only a moment’s notice. Few things in life have
ever made me feel as good as wearing my swimwear.


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